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Optical Bearing Device (OBD)

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Optical Bearing Device Brochure

MODEL SR02-S “Standing

MODEL SR02-S “Standing Version” for Mounting on Pelorus or Wall-Bracket

KEY FUNCTIONS Optical Bearing Line (OBL) • Displays an OBL directly in the ECDIS and the RADAR Optical Position Fixes (P-Fix) • Determine your position independently of the GPS Optical Running Fixes (R-Fix) • Determine CPA, TCPA and RANGE to fixed objects independently of the GPS Identify AIS Targets • Displays the AIS data from other ships, in Real-Time & directly in the OBD display MODEL SR02-H “Hanging Version” for Pull-Down and Deck-Head Mounting ECDIS Log-Book • Automatically records the OBD Position Fix in the ECDIS log book OPTICAL BEARING DEVICE Combine our Optical Bearing Device (OBD) with your ECDIS and make fast and accurate Position Fixes, independently of the GPS. Detect GPS spoofing, jamming or other disturbances. The Optical Bearing Device is an effective navigation aid, especially when navigating in narrow waters and at high speed.